Summer Market


We acquired twelve new ladies — a couple Rhode Island Reds, some Americanas, and some Sextants.  They are out of the house and now outside.  They are not yet laying, but they sure are having fun.  The older ladies were not sure about the additions at first, but now are laying frantically.

So what do we do with our abundance?  Why the Farmers’ Market, of course!  We are having fun letting people pick out their own eggs.  The eggs are white, green, tan and brown, and stacked in bowls.  The kids especially love getting their empty egg carton to gently load their selection of eggs.DSCN0365

Some people like picking out just one color, but most made their carton a mix of all the colors.  How often can you offer your family “green eggs and ham”?  All the eggs taste the same, it’s just the shell color that’s different.

DSCN0368 DSCN0369 DSCN0370Although its still early in the season, we ended up spending our profits rather quickly with fresh herbs and greens, not to mention honey and baked goods.  We didn’t quite have enough for some of the handcrafted items, but maybe next trip…

DSCN0372 DSCN0371 The musician that came out this time was really good and all the vendors tried to drop a little into his hat.  It was amazing to see what artist had.  They have beautiful drawings of bugs!  I confess to not having paid much attention to those pesky things before, but the detailed drawings presented how pretty some of them can be.

If you haven’t been to a Farmers’ Market, you really should give it a try!  It is so fun to see the wide variety available (it’s all fresh) and so much fun to chat and hear all the stories.

Whirlwind Activity


Life has been crazy this summer.  My oldest daughter (April) and her family moved to New Mexico and have finally found a house.  I’ve learned a whole new level of respect for her — she is awesome.  This grandma is also thrilled with her three grandsons, who happen to be handsome, intelligent, talented and fun.

My youngest daughter (Carol) continues to make me smile in countless ways.  A few weeks ago she treated me to a trip to the hair salon, so I’m now a pretty old lady.  When it was her turn to have her tresses pampered, I couldn’t resist taking this picture.

Hair2She has threatened me with a slow and painful death if I let anyone see this, but I couldn’t resist!

Later today I’ll be tramping through the area to get to the now-wild peach trees.  The luscious fruits are not as big as the Frankenfruit in stores, but wow — they are so juicy and the peachy taste almost seems artificially accented.  I love the fact these peaches have no sprays, no commercials enhancements and from heirloom trees.  Then the fun of canning… It’s a good thing I live alone.  By the time I’m done, I’ll be a sweaty, stinky mess, but I’ll be smiling!

It’s Monday and the Running Begins


Busy weekend, but I like to think that great and magnificent feats are being accomplished.

ImageOn Saturday I popped into the local volunteer fire department.  They were hosting a workshop/meet-&-greet regarding the drought and fire danger.  As most of you know, we in the Great Southwest love our sun and warm weather, but with a shortage of rain, we are ready to explode with fires.  So, our fire department hosted a FireWise workshop which was so much fun.  They filled up a small pool for folks to jump into (obviously the kids didn’t resist!), gave great advice, fed all of us, and we had souvenirs to go home with.  Local politicians can always be counted on to come to these events, and we got the chance to catch up on the community gossip.  Such fun!

Sunday was peaceful.  I cleaned my house, tormented my cat and worked for several hours on another story.  Its amazing how therapeutic writing can be.  I’m even considering how to include this fellow in town in my book.  This individual is a real worm and would make a perfect villain — I guess I should change the name “to protect the innocent”….

Today I’m getting ready to head over to the Food Bank.  Although I qualify, I don’t really take much of anything because I insist on organics.  Most Food Bank stuff is GMO, processed and instant, but I am more than happy to help out.  We get these huge cases of stuff and have to break things down into smaller portions for distribution.  Lots of work, but gratifying to see about 100 families being provided for.  One thing for sure.  If I worked out like this every day I would probably end up looking like a toothpick!

The Whirlwind Continues


whirlwindJust when I think the world will slow down and life is getting normal, things so bluey again.  Hmm, maybe that is the new normal.

I found someone to review my imaginative ramblings!  A wonderful lady from a publishing company in Minnesota ( is going to read my story about the killer germ that wipes out all but nine women on the planet.  She’ll let me know if its worth considering.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Yesterday morning I walked to the post office to drop off some mail and I forgot to grab some carrots before I left.  The horses between me and the post office have gotten accustomed to me giving them a treat whenever I walk by.  It’s amazing how loud horses can be when they want to be noticed!  Good grief.  Note to self:  Don’t forget the horse treats next time I go walking.

Today I have to drive into Albuquerque.  It’s gonna be in the 80s, and for once, no wind!  We’ve had such strong winds in the last month that we had to put rocks in the pockets of all children and skinny women.  (Notice I didn’t count myself in that tally.)

Okay.  No more procrastinating (**deep breath**).  I am now getting motivated, I am now getting motivated, I am now……..

Motion mantra over — I’m off to hit the highway.

Confused Panic


Well, the flea market was not a total bust.  I managed to get rid of some old “treasures” and made enough money to fill up the gas tank.  Plus, I bumped into a couple of old friends and I think I made one new friend.  So, all in all, a pretty good morning.

panicNow for my minor panic.  Last night I looked up what is necessary to find a book agent.  Gah!  I always thought a book agent was kind of like looking for an attorney.  You know, go through a list, pick one, talk to them to see if they are someone you can work with and if so, sign a contract and get to work.  I had no idea it was like a job interview or some kind of audition!!

I was advised that the first thing I have to do is send the appropriate type of agents (did you know they have specialties?!!!) a cover letter telling about yourself and your book.  From the sound of things, if an agent thinks you and your book are interesting enough, they will contact you for more information.  So what am I supposed to say?  At 60 years old I can’t really provide any kind of “come hither” that would be appealing!! Does this mean I have to hire somebody to help me find an agent?!

Maybe I should let this rest for a few days while I mull this over.  I don’t know anyone who’s had a book published so there’s no one’s brain I can pick.  Hmm, perhaps I’ll take the New Mexico perspective — you know, live up to the tradition of “manana.”

Happy Friday!


Crazy day planned today.  Since I want to sell some stuff at the flea market in Belen (a small town north of me about 45 miles), I will have to go to Belen and get everything out of storage that I want to sell tomorrow.  While there I have to dig out my iron so I don’t continue looking like the cat chewed on me.

Once my car is loaded, go home and hem some suit slacks.  This dear soul is going to pay me $20 for making cuffs and hemming these slacks, so I’ll get this done when I get home.

One of my neighbors is graduating with a Masters of Science and the ceremony is tomorrow night.  Everyone in town is so excited.  La Joya has a total population of 86, so someone accomplishing such a big goal is big news for us.  Not sure what to wear.  I have a suit, which I hope still fits.  How about one of my long skirts and an unstained tee shirt?  Hmmm.  If evening gowns were in order I get a feed sack, tie on a sash, tack on some appliques, then claim it’s “designer,” but I think that would be overboard.  Ah well, I have until tomorrow night to figure this out.

In the Beginning


Not sure who, if anyone, would be interested in the ramblings of a widowed Hispanic/Native American woman in a New Mexico rural community.  Nonetheless, several friends have suggested I start a daily blog because they are curious how someone can survive on about $400 a month, yet eat well and be relatively comfortable.  First off, let me say that country life is not for wimps or the lazy.  The day normally begins at or just before sunrise and ends about 9-9:30 at night — when most folks join the party.  So, here goes!

Today is going to be somewhat lazy — with only laundry to do, patching the carpeting in the bedroom and getting this blog started.  Tomorrow should prove more interesting!  If nothing else, I’ll get a picture of the ranch house I’m living in to post for tomorrow.