Happy Friday!


Crazy day planned today.  Since I want to sell some stuff at the flea market in Belen (a small town north of me about 45 miles), I will have to go to Belen and get everything out of storage that I want to sell tomorrow.  While there I have to dig out my iron so I don’t continue looking like the cat chewed on me.

Once my car is loaded, go home and hem some suit slacks.  This dear soul is going to pay me $20 for making cuffs and hemming these slacks, so I’ll get this done when I get home.

One of my neighbors is graduating with a Masters of Science and the ceremony is tomorrow night.  Everyone in town is so excited.  La Joya has a total population of 86, so someone accomplishing such a big goal is big news for us.  Not sure what to wear.  I have a suit, which I hope still fits.  How about one of my long skirts and an unstained tee shirt?  Hmmm.  If evening gowns were in order I get a feed sack, tie on a sash, tack on some appliques, then claim it’s “designer,” but I think that would be overboard.  Ah well, I have until tomorrow night to figure this out.

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