Healthy Living-Profitably


Living healthy involves more than just home-cooked meals, and the proof we have is what I (in my late 60s) and my disabled husband can testify.  Plus, living on Social Security can be more than challenging — it can be crippling.  We have tapped into a resource that more than meets our needs!  Our health is amazing to doctors, we have lots of energy, and we have supplemental income that does not require a lot of time.  We want to share the wealth!

We are involved with Melaleuca — a American health company that believes everyone involved with them should be able to profit by their involvement without having to serve as a free warehouse, without having to do a lot of bookkeeping, and to have resources available to help you develop a strong economic foundation.  All this while improving your life, health and future!

What do they have?  Over 300 natural products and nutritional supplements that were developed to provide maximum benefit without chemicals, adverse side affects and ecologically sound.

Example:  After war was over, there were huge stockpiles of dangerous liquids that had been used for chemical warfare (i.e., bleach and ammonia). Rather than absorb a financial loss, they developed cleaners from them and marketed the products as the ultimate household product.  They didn’t warn anyone that breathing the fumes ate away the lining around nerves, caused brain-chemical malfunctions, ate away lung tissue, and caused numerous other medical issues.

I had a daughter who had developed serious medical issues, including asthma.  The doctors had her on more drugs than you could imagine.  Long story-short, I started using these natural cleaners and within a month her asthma was gone, her skin eruptions ended, and she was able to eat again.  Needless to say, I threw out all the commercial cleaners.

Another example:  All commercially available vitamins are chemically produced, so a human body is able to absorb a maximum of 40% of the nutrients from those vitamins.  Melaleuca’s process of naturally making vitamins enables you to absorb up to 98% of the nutrients.  The difference in the way you feel is quickly very evident!

How do their products help?  SolugardEverything is concentrated, so one bottle of a cleaner makes 6-10 regular containers of cleaner.  Let’s say you buy one bottle of Melaleuca Sol-U-Gard (a disinfectant cleaner) selling for  $14.50 ($9.99 to members).  You would add water and make a minimum of six bottles of cleaner.  This same type of commercial disinfectant would cost a minimum of $5.85 per bottle — so for six bottles, you would pay a minimum of $38.10 — not counting the time and gas to go to the store to make the purchases.

What do you need to do?  Decide what you want to do.  Just improve your health and the health of loved ones?  Want to improve health and save money?  Want to improve health, save money and help others do the same?  Helping others can be profitable!

What is also great is all the help and information that is always available to you.  A quick email or phone call will bring you all the back-up, information and support you could imagine!

If you think you are interested, let me know!  The information I will need from you is:

  • Your name,
  • Your email (so the company can send you information),
  • Your phone number (so I can call you to answer any questions and provide information you will need)
  • And in the Comment Section, the best time to contact you.