It took a while for others to convince me to start a blog, then life got crazy.  So who am I?  I’m a 65+ year old Native American that was raised as a traditional healer, worked in the legal field for 30 years before returning to the healing arts by acquiring my ND (naturopathic doctor), traveled all over before returning to New Mexico in America’s southwest, and now live in a little village that is about 75 miles from the nearest town. Imagine being in a rural area, far from any city, with your life partner recently deceased.  That is the situation both Jim and I (Donna) found ourselves in a few years before we met.

Our community boasts a community library that is owned and operated by volunteers and donations rather than the tax-funded facilities with paid staff usually found in cities.  Donna was working there as the principal volunteer, Jim came in to do some research.  The rest is history.

IMG_7931About 18 months after meeting, a wedding took place at the library where the meeting took place. Today I’m surprised to say I’m married to a man who shared my vision of building a homestead.  Both of us have little to nothing, but we pooled our resources and I’ll now be cataloging our efforts — successes and failures!


With shared visions and hopes, some property was purchased in one of the local villages (boasting a population of 84) and the work began to build our ideal homestead.  The blog (updated at least once a month) details our progress, triumphs, challenges and set backs.

I enjoy the quiet, my husband, my chickens, my pets, the sunshine, writing, laughing, my family, my friends, and just life in general.  We are poor as church mice, have dreams as big as the sky, and are happy as pigs in mud.

If I grumble in a blog on occasion, pay no mind — just like gas, it passes. We always welcome any suggestions, input, comments and shared visions!