Mission Accomplished


Ranch HouseHere’s the picture of the little bunk house I moved into.  It’s a cozy little place.  Perfect “between” place for me and my cat.  But more on this later.

Last night I finally finished writing my first fiction novel.  In the past I’ve only written textbooks, a few of which I’m still working on, so this was fun.  It’s about nine women.  A killer germ wipes out all but these nine women.  It was fun to speculate what the world would do without any women and how these diverse women end up affecting the world.  My challenge now is finding a book agent.  I hate to think I’ll have a job left sitting and uncompleted.  It’s not the great American novel, but it is a fun read.

Tonight I will work at getting some crochet appliques done.  I do a lot of crochet and a woman from a craft show ordered some applique leaves and flowers.  She uses the appliques to decorate the clothing and accessories she makes for craft shows.  It will only provide about $25, but I love to see how she uses them and the money sure does help.


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