We had a little bit of fun since our last blog.

Jim bought a pumpkin, scraped out most of the meat from the inside and made a great Jack-o-Lantern. I loved it! As it slowly caved in, it got even scarier. Finally, it collapsed and we gave it to the pigs. They thought they had died and gone to heaven!

We had a few weeks of almost continuous, daily rain. No great deluge, but a steady drizzle that took a toll on our future livingroom. Just look at the scarey results of that roof leak!

So, Jim went up top and discovered the previous owner had smeared some stuff called SnoRoof on top of old tar paper. Well, it leaked. So, Jim put up some repaired propanel and sealed the cracks with silicone. We will have to redo and replace the entire roof, but hopefully it can wait until next spring! On a day that is too nasty to work outside, we’ll fix the ceiling.

Meanwhile, it was decided to get the chicken/pig run ready for the critters, plus the critter house. We are going to use the old trailer that had been left.

Jim and I patched it up somewhat and spent two weeks doing nothing but cleaning it out. What we did not bag up for the trash was thrown out the door. Just look at the pile we will have to sort through later (in our ‘spare time’).

Inside the trailer we found some rotting carpet pieces that hid rotting floor boards. So, we will have to put down wood on the floors before we can put up some poles for roosting. The old tables we found in there we will be keeping and making them into tiered laying boxes. Before tackling this project, we turned our attention to the future “animal run.”

After some deliberation, it was decided to allow the old dying tree to remain. We opted to clean it all up to give the critters a personalized jungle gym. Just cleaning up that mess meant another week of daily work, plus using the bobcat to move the piles of rocks and boulders. When that project is done, I’ll post pictures of our masterpiece!

Using the old trailer as the critters’ house means making sure they don’t crawl under it to escape, right? So, we piled as many rocks as we could under it and then Jim started piling dirt around it.

We took one day off to attend the Albuquerque Youth Pow Wow. That was so much fun! It was Jim’s first, and I managed to get him to dance one All Nations Dance. Those kids were wonderful and the food was incredible. The Native chef that prepared the public feast is working on a cookbook, and judging by the eats we had, its gonna be one I’m gonna want!

Looks like the weather is starting to seriously change, so we hope to kick it into high gear in order to finish up all the outside work. We can then focus on moving in. That will mean we will be living in a construction zone, but we continue having high hopes. Can you believe Turkey Day is almost here?

Finally Together


My oldest daughter, April, and her family have arrived!  They decided that last winter’s harsh cold in the Midwest was too much to possibly face again, plus they missed family, so they’ve made a lizard-leap of faith, packed up everything, and are now in New Mexico.Brunch

We had a fun Sunday with eating out for a late breakfast and then going to a new Farmer’s Market in Albuquerque called the Railway Station Market.  It’s amazing.  Everything there is GMO-free and organic.  It was so much fun and such great stuff.  Everything from food, crafts, herbal healers and some great music.  Everything was housed inside the old railway station/warehouse and each booth was so different from the other.  Without a doubt, I’d love to go again.

The Whirlwind Continues


whirlwindJust when I think the world will slow down and life is getting normal, things so bluey again.  Hmm, maybe that is the new normal.

I found someone to review my imaginative ramblings!  A wonderful lady from a publishing company in Minnesota (twistedwillowpress.com) is going to read my story about the killer germ that wipes out all but nine women on the planet.  She’ll let me know if its worth considering.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

Yesterday morning I walked to the post office to drop off some mail and I forgot to grab some carrots before I left.  The horses between me and the post office have gotten accustomed to me giving them a treat whenever I walk by.  It’s amazing how loud horses can be when they want to be noticed!  Good grief.  Note to self:  Don’t forget the horse treats next time I go walking.

Today I have to drive into Albuquerque.  It’s gonna be in the 80s, and for once, no wind!  We’ve had such strong winds in the last month that we had to put rocks in the pockets of all children and skinny women.  (Notice I didn’t count myself in that tally.)

Okay.  No more procrastinating (**deep breath**).  I am now getting motivated, I am now getting motivated, I am now……..

Motion mantra over — I’m off to hit the highway.