It’s Monday and the Running Begins


Busy weekend, but I like to think that great and magnificent feats are being accomplished.

ImageOn Saturday I popped into the local volunteer fire department.  They were hosting a workshop/meet-&-greet regarding the drought and fire danger.  As most of you know, we in the Great Southwest love our sun and warm weather, but with a shortage of rain, we are ready to explode with fires.  So, our fire department hosted a FireWise workshop which was so much fun.  They filled up a small pool for folks to jump into (obviously the kids didn’t resist!), gave great advice, fed all of us, and we had souvenirs to go home with.  Local politicians can always be counted on to come to these events, and we got the chance to catch up on the community gossip.  Such fun!

Sunday was peaceful.  I cleaned my house, tormented my cat and worked for several hours on another story.  Its amazing how therapeutic writing can be.  I’m even considering how to include this fellow in town in my book.  This individual is a real worm and would make a perfect villain — I guess I should change the name “to protect the innocent”….

Today I’m getting ready to head over to the Food Bank.  Although I qualify, I don’t really take much of anything because I insist on organics.  Most Food Bank stuff is GMO, processed and instant, but I am more than happy to help out.  We get these huge cases of stuff and have to break things down into smaller portions for distribution.  Lots of work, but gratifying to see about 100 families being provided for.  One thing for sure.  If I worked out like this every day I would probably end up looking like a toothpick!

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