Magic Paper Toweling Rolls


Its amazing the number of toys and trinkets I have purchased in the hope of an enthusiastic response from Chamako and Squeak. The usual reaction is to watch them sniff the treat and then get a baleful look of impatience from Chamako and a dismissive sniff from Squeak. How was I to know that I had been harboring a rare and exotic treasure the whole time?

As I was cleaning the kitchen, wiping the counters and washing dishes, I had to replace the empty roll on the wall with new paper toweling. Squeak was eagerly laying nearby with a careful eye for anything that might drop. In the middle of a sunny ray, Chamako was dozing. Nice peaceful home, right? Well, the empty roll rolled off the counter and onto the floor and before I could retrieve it to throw away, Squeak darted and snatched it firmly in her tiny jaws.

With the roll being so long, it obviously had one end dragging and bumping along as she dashed past Chamako, giving him a noisy slap as Squeak darted by. I, of course, laughed – boy, was that a mistake! After giving me the equivalent of a feline optic deathray, Chamako went off in hot pursuit of the creature bearing the offending device. The chase was

I watched in amusement as first one, then the other, gained possession of that roll. They wrestled, tugged, rolled, darted, chased, scooted under furniture, and caused general mayhem. The tantalizing cardboard roll eventually looked like a bedraggled string of brown paper.

They finally settled down, curling around each other for a well-deserved nap, each bearing a piece of shredded brown roll, and both content over their conquest.

Where is the camera when I need it?

A New Best Friend


I was convinced that my poor kitty, Chamako, needed a friend to play with while I’m at work.  It was obvious he missed his old friend who died a few months ago.  So, I found him a new friend — a chihuahua a neighbor was giving away.

??????????Not sure how clear the picture may appear to you, but here is the new family addition.  The handsome fellow is my oldest grandson (Sam) holding the 3 month old bundle.  I named her Mary Agnes/Squeak (after the character from the movie “Color Purple”) because her bark sounds like a squeak toy.

Well, the first few days had Squeak screaming and shaking whenever Chamako came near (he’s only about three times bigger), which would panic my poor cat and send him running for cover.  Not sure whether the high pitched squeak hurt his ears or whether Squeak’s squeaking hurt Chamako’s feelings.

Anyway, after a week, they’ve become fast friends and play all day long, sleep together, get into trouble together, and just generally prove very entertaining.

Now for the point of this post.  Have you ever seen these cat tubes?  ?????????? It’s a perfect toy for my Chamako.  He loves going into it and attacking anything that strolls by — whether my legs, Squeak, or unsuspecting guests.

The other day Chamako lay inside and fell asleep while waiting for his next victim, with his tail poking out one end.  Squeak awoke from a nap, searched for her pal and saw the fuzzy tail sticking out one end of the tube.  So, she snuck into the tube, carefully placing her feet on each side of Chamako’s tail and without warning, Squeak starting barking.  Poor Chamako.  I think the tube elevated 12 inches off the floor before my shocked cat shot out the other end of the tube with his fur standing on end and Squeak in hot pursuit, barking happily.

I think the perfect new pal was found for Chamako.  Now if I can just convince them to terrorize each other and not me!