Drippy Weather Brings Us Inside


It looks like the warm weather is pretty much over, and now that the sky has become a constant cold shower (I prefer hot baths), concentrated work has begun on the inside of the house.  As reported in the last post, the kitchen had to be the first room to start on.

We took down the old counter and cleaned up the one wall to start work.  Jim found out about a type of adobe-mortar that is recommended for an adobe-style rammed earth mix.  Basically the adobe mix includes 10% of cement, and when it dries it looks like the typical adobe but is waterproof.  Jim mixes everything in a wheelbarrow outside and rolls it in when filled with the thick, damp goo.  It kind of looks like a very dark bread dough.

Here’s the result of 10 days work in repairing the one wall in the kitchen.  Its a little hard to see some of the deep holes in the first picture, but trust me — some of those holes made it possible to see the great outdoors when sitting on the floor.  Now its all filled in and smooth and we are preparing to begin working on the flooring in front of that wall.  We just have to let the wall finish drying.

We’re debating whether to paint the whole wall before installing the counter and sink or leaving the wall looking raw because the counter will be covering it.  The paint is going to be a plain, flat white to serve as a base coat for future painting.  At the present the walls are an awful shade of purple and the ceiling is made of sheets of plywood that are painted a very dark brown.

We have another week before we can install the counter, so if you get a chance, give me your opinion!  We are really torn and we continue to debate paint or no paint with no solid decision.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATomorrow we are going to try an experiment.  We will be bringing our cat (Chamako) with us.  He absolutely loves hunting, stalking and catching mice.  There are plenty of prey for him and although he’s never been here, we are hopeful that within a few minutes of exploration that he will begin the hunt.  Crossing our fingers!




A New Best Friend


I was convinced that my poor kitty, Chamako, needed a friend to play with while I’m at work.  It was obvious he missed his old friend who died a few months ago.  So, I found him a new friend — a chihuahua a neighbor was giving away.

??????????Not sure how clear the picture may appear to you, but here is the new family addition.  The handsome fellow is my oldest grandson (Sam) holding the 3 month old bundle.  I named her Mary Agnes/Squeak (after the character from the movie “Color Purple”) because her bark sounds like a squeak toy.

Well, the first few days had Squeak screaming and shaking whenever Chamako came near (he’s only about three times bigger), which would panic my poor cat and send him running for cover.  Not sure whether the high pitched squeak hurt his ears or whether Squeak’s squeaking hurt Chamako’s feelings.

Anyway, after a week, they’ve become fast friends and play all day long, sleep together, get into trouble together, and just generally prove very entertaining.

Now for the point of this post.  Have you ever seen these cat tubes?  ?????????? It’s a perfect toy for my Chamako.  He loves going into it and attacking anything that strolls by — whether my legs, Squeak, or unsuspecting guests.

The other day Chamako lay inside and fell asleep while waiting for his next victim, with his tail poking out one end.  Squeak awoke from a nap, searched for her pal and saw the fuzzy tail sticking out one end of the tube.  So, she snuck into the tube, carefully placing her feet on each side of Chamako’s tail and without warning, Squeak starting barking.  Poor Chamako.  I think the tube elevated 12 inches off the floor before my shocked cat shot out the other end of the tube with his fur standing on end and Squeak in hot pursuit, barking happily.

I think the perfect new pal was found for Chamako.  Now if I can just convince them to terrorize each other and not me!