Results & Discoveries


Someone asked how much would have been needed to be chipped to make a monster pile like we pictured earlier.  Here’s a hint!


This picture shows the branches and bushes I planned to dice up yesterday.  Included in the pile are the piles in the background, which Jim moved to the wood chipper as I work through the pile that’s close by.


This is the result of a full day’s work — notice the pile of wood chips?  The piles from the back are gone and all that’s left is the one front pile.  This will give some idea of how much needs to be chopped up in order to get that mountain!

While I was chipping away, Jim was clearing out and piling debris for later investigation.  It took Jim about 6 hours to collect all that kaka into one pile, not counting his manually lifting and toting long, half-rotten planks to put in a separate pile.


The fun part is going through the debris to see if there is anything that might be useful later.  We have found canning jars, porcelain water knobs, an endless supply of screws and nails, unknown what’s-its, and yesterday we found something that is actually kind of fun — two prospector’s pans!


Gave me quite a giggle.  I pulled them out to clean.  Not sure what to do with them after they’re cleaned up, but I somehow don’t picture me and Jim running around the countryside trying to pan for gold!  Any suggestions?

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