Winter Chill


Although the big storm that brought New Mexico to a standstill has past and almost all the snow is gone (except for shady spots where the sun rarely hits), it is still winter.  We don’t have the northern chill (with temps averaging at or below freezing), but to us wimps, hovering between 45 and 55 degrees is cold.  Our humble home is primarily heated with a wood burning stove.  We have a few little electric heaters, but the wood burner is the focal point.

Our critters don’t seem to particularly enjoy the cold either, and they all have their own tactics.  Chamako dragged his favorite blanket into a box that had been destined for the woodburner DSCN0001and is enjoying his “secret” corner.


Brutus hovers around the little electric heater.DSCN0002


Pinky stays close by the sheepskin blanket on the sofa.


Me, I move around a lot with multiple layers of thermal clothing.  I can’t wait til Spring!


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