New Beginnings!


So much has been happening.  By an act of life’s Creator, a new beginning has emerged.  Not only has my life’s goal of having an organic homestead continued to develop, but I’ve found a partner with a similar goal.  Neither of us has much to work with, but together we foresee the very real probability of accomplishing the goal.

In short, I recently met and married a gentle giant.  Jim complements my abilities and shortcomings beautifully, we share similar ideals and hopes, and we both love our families.  IMG_7931

Our wedding was a simple affair.  We married at the library where we met and rather than a catered affair, we asked everyone invited to share in the festivities by contributing to an after-wedding potluck.  Instead of a “gift list,” we told everyone that wanted to provide a gift to make it a dish to share at the wedding and/or a gift certificate for materials to build with (like Home Depot, etc.)

IMG_7940It was wonderful — and my Mom was here to share the joy!

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