Family Expansion


While my Mom was staying with us, we had some household changes – it grew!

We had gone shopping in town and when we were preparing to come home, a little girl in the parking lot got our attention.  She was almost in tears, so we obviously stopped everything.  She relayed that her dad’s dog (a purebred Blue Tick Healer) had gotten out of the yard and later come home pregnant.  Her daddy was very unhappy about it.

The puppies were born and now about 7 weeks old.  The sire had clearly NOT been another Blue Tick Healer.  Her dad intended to give the pups to a man who operated a dog fighting ring, but she convinced him to try to get them adopted.  He gave her one day, and so, she was at my car. 

After I stepped out of the car, the teary, little girl (about 10 years old), ran to the pick-up, grabbed one of the puppies and handed it to me.  She advised that one was the most sedate and loving.  As I held it, I saw it was covered with ticks and fleas, the puppy didn’t even try scratching, and looked up at me with the sweetest, sad little eyes.  Well, guess what.

Meet Popcorn.  These are the pictures of the sweet thing after we bathed and de-bugged her.  She was so tiny and sweet.  Although we already had three dogs, there was no way I was able to resist a misty-eyed little girl and that cute puppy who was in a dire situation. Mom insisted on holding her on her lap as much as possible, she too had her heart stolen by that little bundle.

Here she is today — about two months later.  Gadzooks – she is a bundle of energy with a never-ending appetite  Still not sure what breed(s) her papa was, but I’m guessing she has a little pitbull.  She has some faint spots starting to show on her floppy little ears.

We named her Popcorn because she is forever popping up and down.  Once all the ticks and fleas were gone, and the welts and bites healed, she became the perpetual bouncing machine. 

She’s so smart and funny.  Dear heavens, she won’t stop growing.  We have fallen in love, and Popcorn fits in well with the rest of our brood.