Involuntary Multi-Tasking


Maintaining our present residence while simultaneously preparing the future permanent homestead seems to present unexpected extra duties. So, besides working on the property to prep for gardening, working on the chicken run and house, fixing and working on the house, and the work involved in seasonal needs, we are also trying to gauge what can be packed and moved versus what needs to wait so we can continue having access to things (i.e., cookware and tools).

One small detail we had misjudged was seasonal clothes. Wow, have you ever tried working in 80+ degree weather with sweat shirts? Jim can work without a shirt, but not an option for me! Took a few days just to dig out the boxes of summer wear and before we could swap the contents. After winter stuff was packed up, we decided to keep off-season clothes in one spot versus scattered with everything else. Can’t believe this simple detail could make things so “interesting.”

We had a nice pile of firewood to move and split that was left over from this last winter. So, Jim began splitting up some of the logs. This makes it easier to stack at the house. So, Jim split half the logs, piled split and unsplit logs onto the trailer, moved it to the house, and made a nice stack for next winter.

Had a fun blessing in the midst of all the work, though. Mother’s Day. My oldest daughter gave me a gift certificate for my favorite body wash. My youngest daughter made a wonderful dinner for me at the house.

Her friend and Jim were put to work grilling some steaks, and Carol prepared all the side dishes. As a fun treat, she even had a bowl of Cheetos on the table (one of my weaknesses). Such a wonderful day!