Transcribing an Internal Movie


It never fails to amaze me how enjoyable writing can be.  I’ve been working on another fiction, not sure if it would be called a sci-fi or fantasy, but I’m having so much fun.  This new one I’ve been working on has about one seed of truth for every pound of “tall tale.”

stockThe one I’m working on right now is based on a Native American girl learning about her role in a secret medicine society that has her developing traditional skills with instruction from some older Natives, some Star People and some “Old Ones” aka vampires.  Like I said, one seed of truth mixed with one pound of *@$t.  Having had traditional Native training I’m able to “fictionize” some things in the traditional system of learning and have dreamed up some interesting characters.

One of the things I’m fascinated by is how my fingers twitch over the keyboard, trying to keep up with the “movie” that is playing in my head as I try to capture every word they utter and describe what they are doing.  It’s almost like transcribing what I see, but it’s all in my head.  And it’s so much fun!

Someone please tell me that I’m not some kind of non-lethal psychotic! LOL