Rather than continue the almost endless saga of rebuilding and fixing walls (I think its boring to keep talking about it), I haven’t written anything for a while.

In late spring I planted a bunch of veggies from seeds and had high hopes — squashes, pumpkins, chili (hatch, poblano), tomatoes, just a nice variety. The plan was to let the plants grow big enough to show off and to share my dreams of what the harvest would be like. I took plans and precautions to ward off every bug imaginable. I developed a watering system to ensure my beloved greenery would never lack. The soil was mixed with all my mulch that had been carefully developed and mixed with the local soil. Well, reality check.

When not looking my beautiful, little plants were invaded by mice and squirrels. I mean, not just nibbled or chewed on, but munched down to the soil!!! I now have three tomato plants left.

They are in pots, on top of a table that would be hard for the critters to reach, and the area around the table is booby-trapped! I was pleased and hopeful that I will now at least have some tomatoes. And — these are heirloom purple tomatoes, so I’m excited.

There was one consideration I overlooked, however. Although I did not want all of what was left being decimated, I did not wish harm to the critters. I did not realize that I inadvertently created a deadly booby-trap. Next to the house I had blue barrels in which I collect rain water. One of the barrels was almost full.

It appears that one pair of squirrels tried to climb onto the roof to try to take a lizard leap onto the table and fell into the barrel. They were unable to get out and drowned. They left a little squirrel behind, so now I have another mouth to feed. Egads, I almost feel like I’m responsible for two innocent deaths. If it weren’t for the fact that they destroyed all my other plants, I might feel guilty.

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