One Wall Almost Done!


Jim has pretty much finished the one kitchen wall and is working on the flooring in front of the wall now.  Turns out the flooring was put directly on dirt, so some of the flooring is horribly warped or rotted.  Jim plans on putting down cement on the area below the area where the long kitchen cabinet will be placed, then cover with tongue-in-grove planks.  The final step will be installing the cabinet and hooking up the plumbing.

We also started working on the living room.  On one wall there was a huge area above a small window that was in horrible shape.  It was possible to see the great outdoors through the wall!  Jim has filled in the gaps with that new cement-adobe mixture and a huge draft is now gone!


Once the large cabinet in the kitchen is in place (with plumbing hooked up), we’ll finish off the livingroom wall.

When not working on the two walls, focus has been made to patch the roof.  Whenever it rained, water gushed into the house and the walls at the gush melted down and made huge mud puddles in the house.  Most of the puddles were in the sun room and bedroom.

I’d show pictures of the roof’s progress, but it would take some major event for me to mount those ladders just to take pictures!  Egads, how does Jim do it?  For that matter, how do roofers do it?  I’d need two-three well-secured safety harnesses and a case of Depends….

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