We Can Picture Some of the Future


Cleaning continues, but as it progresses, we are discovering some things that we believe will be a real blessing in the future!

As cleaning around the perimeter is done, we are putting up fencing.  Using the surveyors’ map, we are discovering our property will give us plenty of room for doing what will be essential — and maybe a little extra!  Jim made this contraption with a metal pipe and two medal handles on each side.  Okay, hard to describe, but this picture might help.  One thing for sure, that sucker is so heavy I can’t lift it.


Here’s a picture of Jim using that puppy.  It fits over the top of the T-post, Jim lifts it up, then slams it down repeatedly, which drives the T-post into the ground.   We get at least 4 T-posts in place and then we roll out and attach the fencing to the posts.  The property is now fully fenced on 2-1/2 sides — almost done!

One of the fun things we now have is a future hatchery!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter clearing out the weeds (inside and out), we decided this old chicken run will be perfect for use as a hatchery.  Some repairs will have to be made and minor modifications, but overall the structure can be used.  Such a great safe home for those baby chicks!  I can picture it already….

With the fencing almost done, we are starting to plot out where we are going to put everything — the household vegetable garden, the herb bed, the “picnic area,” and where Jim’s man-cave is gonna be.  Since I’ve claimed dibs on the busted down round house (which will not be a project to start on till next year), Jim definitely needs his own workshop.

I’m actually more excited about Jim’s man cave than getting my round house done.  Imagine this — the house will be a house…. with no tools scattered about…. no car parts taking up kitchen counter space…..  no boxes of unknown whats-its in the living room…. All these mysterious men-stuffs will be in the man cave…. sigh…. it’s gonna happen!



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