A New Chapter Begins


Jim and I have successfully purchased a “fixer-upper” that sits on 1.01 acres in a town of 86 residents.  Boy, talk about a fixer-upper….  As we progress through the nightmare, I’ll update pictures with our progress, but here’s the front view of our future home.

As this initial glance provides, it’s gonna take a while before we can move in our critters, our pets, or us.  It’s an old adobe that was horribly maintained (we don’t think the former owner knew what he was doing), but it meant we were able to get the property for a good price, so I can’t complain too loudly.

Step one will be clearing out all the weeds and overgrowth, then putting up fencing.

Tomorrow, however, our work will be on hold so I can go to the Socorro Farmers Market to sell some of my ladies’ chicken fruit.


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