Life is a Bowl of Cherries


In my free time I’ve been scouring the countryside for fruit trees.  There are huge tracts of land that once held farms and orchards, but the residents are no longer there.  The trees, however, are still there and continue to produce!

Last week a friend called up to let me know about an abandoned apricot and cherry tree.  Wow.  After we both collected a five-gallon bucket of apricots we moved to the cherry tree.  Oh my goodness — this cherry tree had to be the biggest one I’ve ever seen.  And the cherries!!  I’ve gone back for more cherries twice and am hoping there are some left this weekend.

CherriesI think they are Rainier cherries, but I’m not sure.  One five-gallon bucket of cherries was sold at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday so I could have gas money.  The second one was used for making cherry syrup.  Oh yum.  If there are any left to pick this weekend I am not sure what to make with those, but I’m always open for suggestions.  Maybe I’ll make some jars of pie filling.  Hmm….

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