Night Time Adventure


Had a minor adventure the other night that still has my poor cat on edge!

I and my fuzzball normally are in bed and asleep about 9:30 every night, so the other night when Chamako began hissing and growling at 3 in the morning, my eyes more than popped open.  I sat up straight in bed and heard growling from the huge kitchen window, so I jumped out of bed.  Chamako ran to the middle of the kitchen and as seen in the moonlight, he puffed up three times his size.  I think his tail was as big around as my thigh!  And since when does a house cat’s fangs grow to twice its size?

Anyway, like any self-respecting, half-asleep bimbo, I didn’t turn on any lights, but ran to the window to try to see in the dark.  I could hear the screen ripping and a low growl coming from the other side, so in a panic, I forced the window shut and slammed across the critter’s paws (which it clearly did not appreciate).  I watched the animal jump away from the window and its shadow looked bigger than my cat but smaller than a dog.  It wasn’t til after the critter darted away did it occur to me that I should have turned on the lights.

Bobcat DamageThe next morning I found some huge rips in the screen (see the tape I’m temporarily using).  I’ve talked to a few folks in town about it.  Turns out there’s a bobcat in the area that’s munching on local dogs and chickens.  Guess it thought my baby kitty smelled like that night’s dinner!  Ah, the joys of living in the country….





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